After some soul (and stomach) searching in Spain last year, I decided that Mexican food was the way forward and promptly took myself on a Taco Tour of L.A., where street food is booming and the authentic flavors of Mexico’s various regions can be found all in one place.

On my Taco Tour, I was invited to cook with some of California’s most revered Mexican chefs – I learned how to make tacos, salsas and fresh tortillas, was up at 3am braising pork by an age-old family recipe, and had lessons in entrepreneurship, kitchen management and how to run a food truck.

I took all this knowledge and all these flavors back to Amsterdam to make fresh Mexican salsas with a Cali twist so you can bomb up your own dish. And to serve soft corn tacos for any feast that wants that extra sparkle. Everything I make is with love and with authentic fresh and whenever possible locally grown ingredients.